Whoja Hair Braiding & Weaving - Dallas, TX
655 W Illinois Ave (Wynnewood Village - Suite 239) - Dallas TX 75224 - (214) 943-0500 - (214) 207-7162
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Whoja Hair Braiding & Weaving - Dallas, TX

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Whoja Hair Braiding & Weaving - Dallas, TX

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About Braids and Cornrows - 30. Apr. 2006 - 01:43
Braids and Cornrows have been around for years. They have remained popular because they are cheap to maintain and they are versatile. They allow the wearer to do several styles creating different exciting looks. Braids and Cornrows are with many people because they give the wearer's natural hair time to recover from the rigors of relaxers and other chemical products. In recent times, more women and even men have turned to braids and cornrows. Braiding involves taking 3 strands of hair, starting at the scalp, and over laying one strand to another, until the desired effect is created. While Cornrows are braids that lie flat on the head and then sculpted into simple or complex parting and sectioning. read more

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655 W Illinois Ave (Wynnewood Village - Suite 239), Dallas TX 75224 USA
Wynnewood Village Center - Suite 239
(214) 943-0500 - (214) 207-7162

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Whoja Hair Braiding & Weaving - Dallas, TX